Thursday, July 24, 2008

i can't and i'm sorry..

I know your hurting. Life never seems to be what you thought it would. When you were young you believed when people said you could be anything you wanted to, and you knew that one day your prince or princess would come sweep you off your feet. But it's not like that. No one ever told you that you would hate your job, be constantly worried about how much money you had, despair of ever finding someone who meshes with you. And I wish that I could make it better. But I can't. I don't know how. I can't even make my own life better. And you should find someone else to help because even if I knew how, I am incapable of it. When you are sad, I make light of it. When you cry, I am awkward. When you are angry, I mock you. And it is one of the things that I am truly sorry for in my life, that I can't connect enough to make a difference. I'm sorry.

i'm sorry have to put u in my "ignore list". u make me lost of focus!

i'm sorry things have to go this way up... i'm not perfect ;(


Ziana said...


zeti said...

buatpe ko nk say sorry kat dia
itu hak ko ok
xde slhnye ko buat mcm tu
utk kbahagiaan suma org jgk kan
da, x mo cedih2
meh aku cheer up ko :)

i.N.a said...

tak psl2 kena wat camtu...
kan bagus klu dia paham bahasa melayu..huk huk

~tinie~ said...

sorry ketinggalan kete api ...dier bukan org mesia ker ? ...tak per projek 080808 ...nanti cite tau .....pape pon take care ...

i.N.a said...

ko nih..ekor ketapi ke..hehe..
dia bukan org mesia?? hehe..
apa yg buat ko pk camtu?
ok la..updated for projek 080808.

nota kaki : apakah itu tarikh bersejarah bg aku? jeng..jeng..

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