Thursday, August 28, 2008

EnjOy this Beautiful day!

~ A Good Morning Wish ~

A good morning wish, for you my friend
May joy be yours, until day's end
With nothing but sunshine, no clouds at all
Until the evening shadows fall.

Our friendship is so dear to me
My dearest friend, you continue to be
Even though many miles keep us apart
You are always here, close in my heart.

On your friendship, I know I can depend
In any circumstance, I might be in
Please know, you, I so appreciate and adore
No way my friend, could I ever love you more.


to all my dearest frens & bloggers,hope today is the brighten day in our life.. keep smilling, be cheerful dear..


hyfa hasan said...

gud mrning..

miszrLina said...

hik hik..
mOrning hyfa ..
baru 4am nih...huhu

Ziana said...


*even skang nih dh nk mlm

miszrLina said...

belasah jelah..hik2 :p

shafa said...

Mmg enjoy betul hari nie...enjoy sebab kje byk...sampai pening2 lalat kepala ni.

miszrLina said...

pura2 enjOy! padahal bengang tahap gaban ultramen nak buat keje...muahahha...
saiko diri namanye...

si katak ijau

Meh sembang kat sini