Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tips : Symptom Checker

**Some Tips for health. You can go here Symptom Checker

This is one of way to check the symptom if we fall in sick. This is what i've practise to Adam. hope this help u ols.

1st step : Select a body part to detect check the symptom or find topic in a list.

2nd Step : choose patient type.
Next, u can klik step by step.. Selamat Mencuba!

Nota kaki : just some tips.. hope its help. Its FREE ok! =)


shafa said...

Bagus gak web site Miszrlina..blh laaa aku mengchecknya...saja2 nak try pun blh gak.

SaDi said...

nak try lepas niiiii.... :)

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