Friday, June 24, 2011

Invalid Yahoo! ID or Password @ Blackberry

Have you ever stuck in this problem? You are 100% sure about your username and password, but still, your Blackberry keep telling this annoying error messages “Invalid Yahoo! ID or Password”.
Even if we are able to logged in using that combination using a computer in that time.

Very strange condition, but it is happened to me. I am on that condition for the last 2 days, and it makes me mad, because I use YM in BB almost anytime.

Googling, posting a question in Blackberry Support site, and reading some others comment also. Finally, I was able to solve it using this suggestion …

1. Login to Yahoo! account using a computer

2. Change the password

3. Login to Yahoo! Messenger using a computer

4. While you are still logged in, using your BB to login to YM

5. Voila … it works now (at least, it happened also to me)

Good luck …

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