Sunday, January 8, 2012

Me and Juvanex: Day 2

Ady Putra : pic xde kaitan dgn detox ye. Sumber semangat jek :p

Arini masuk 2nd day me and detox ku :p

Buah kiwi
Milo 3 in 1
Juvanex yang lazat

Half mangkuk of mihun goreng with sambal kerang

3 bites of Pavlova & 1 red velvet cuppies~

McD Beef Prosperity burger (aduhhh)
Juvanex yang lazat

Sunday is off day :p

Water taken
overall 1.5liter


Signs that Juvanex is Working

Detoxification is a unique experience for everyone, depending on their toxicity levels and existing health condition.

You may feel a bit weak at the start of a detox. This is normal, because it is at this point that your body dumps toxins (stored in your fat cells and organs) into the blood stream for elimination.

In the first 3 days, you may experience unpleasant short-term reactions such as:

Increased bowel movement
Excretion of pungent dark faces or yellow faces which floats on water
Frequent urination
Fatigue, sleepiness, irritability
Coated tongue, metallic taste in mouth, mouth ulcer
Headache, nausea, vomiting


okay, pic Ady Putra adalah sumber semangat semasa dok guggle :p

Ady Putra dlm cite Chinta sgt macho! uhuuu

Me:: arini memang sangat letih, pening pale,kuar masuk toilet (pembuangan normal yek). Tapi ok la xde la kejadian pewot memulas2
Tapi...pavlova & cuppies tu mmg dah spoilkan detox nih. Takleh tahan oOOoOO

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